2018 Candidates

This may not be a presidential election year, but it's already looking like 2018 will be a big one. Every single NC House and Senate seat is being contested. Here's a list of who's running to represent Polk County this November as a Democrat or, as in the case of the judicial offices, as progressive candidates worthy of our support.

US House 10

David Wilson Brown (press release)

NC House 113 

Sam Edney (press release)

NC Senate 47

David Wheeler

County Sheriff

BJ Bayne (Facebook campaign page)

Board of Commissioners

Ray Gasperson (incumbent)

Carolyn Ashburn

Chrelle Booker (Town of Tryon Commissioner)

Clerk of Court

Pam Hyder (running unopposed)

NC Supreme Court

Anita Earls (website)

NC Court of Appeals

John Arrowood (website)

Allegra Collins (website)

Toby Hampson (website)






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