The moderate fallacy

Democrats face the same existential choice every election: do we play it safe or go bold? And every election, the folks who consider themselves the gatekeepers of the party tell us to choose the path of moderation, because Americans are by and large “moderates.”

But is that really true? What is the evidence that playing to the center is the only way to win political office? What can history tell us?

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Tolerant Polk Folk

Check out this analysis from The Atlantic magazine, which ranks all the country's 3000 counties by how tolerant their populations are of those who don't share a political point of view.

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Cancelled - March Women's Club

The March 25th meeting of the Women's Club has been cancelled as it falls two days after our annual County Convention for which members of the Women's Club will be providing and serving a free breakfast.  The next regular meeting will be held Monday, April 29th, 5:30pm at Headquarters. 



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State Rep. Cody Henson faces legal troubles

Polk County's State Representative, Cody Henson, is headed to court next week following complaints of spousal abuse.

And now we can add cyber stalking to the list of alleged offences.


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Holiday Party


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You've worked hard making phone calls, writing postcards, canvassing neighborhoods, GOTV, supporting our candidates and fund raising breakfasts. You deserve a free dinner!

We're looking forward to a New Year of Democrats' successes!

Come join us for a year end celebration of our commitment to a better

deal for ALL Americans

with pizza, salad and dessert


Thursday, December 6 at 6 PM

Democratic Headquarters

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Poll Watch Party at Headquarters

Join us after the polls close at 7:30pm to follow the election returns with fellow Democrats.  We have done everything we know to GOTV.  Here's hoping we will be celebrating the results!


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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Endorses Sam Edney

It all comes down to this.

The road to breaking the Republican majority in the NC House runs straight through Western North Carolina where Sam Edney is running for House District 113.

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A handy Pocket Ballot

Wondering who deserves your support this election? Click on the image to download -- and print — a full-size version of our handy pocket ballot.

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NC's lawyers have had enough of GOP meddling with democracy

Released this week by a long list of members of North Carolina's bar, including former justices of supreme court is a letter condemning in no uncertain terms two of the amendments to the state constitution that Republicans want to see on this fall's ballot. It's worth your time, especially the part that reads:

In the last two years, the North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled three times that the General Assembly violated the separation of powers principles of our Constitution by prohibiting the Governor from exercising his inherent power of appointment.

Having failed to achieve that objective under the current Constitution, the General Assembly now seeks to overturn those precedents by changing the Constitution because it stands in their way.

Although letter only deals with two of the amendments, but there are strong arguments against all six that could appear on the November ballot. What follows is the complete letter. You can download a PDF here.

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Maybe nothing's the matter with Kansas ... or WNC

"What's the matter with Kansas?" asked Thomas Frank 14 years ago in a book of that title. His painted Kansans as posters children for what's wrong with American politics, specifically that Republicans had convinced people to vote against their own interest by rallying them around hot-button cultural issues like abortion. Since then Frank's demographic analysis has been roundly criticized as statistically naive, but much of his argument is valid.

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