Dem identity crisis? Not so much

It's much easier to be a Republican than a Democrat these days. The Republican Party under Donald J. Trump stands for basically one thing: keeping American white. Everything else is irrelevant: deficits, national security, clean air, you name it. No need to try to meld conflicting or disparate visions. Just keep The Other at bay and don't worry about any other details. Democrats, on the other hand, need to worry about how to prioritize income and wealth inequality, the environment, health care premiums, systemic racism and sexism, and a whole host of other societal ills. We're a big tent, and sometimes that means a little internal conflict.

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NC constitutional amendments


The legislature is running roughshod over our constitution, pushing through new measures to restrict voting, undermine our separation of powers, and nickel and dime consumers. These are unprecedented, unnecessary, politically-driven, and hurt our state. Many are nothing more than a “blank-check” to allow partisan politicians to do as they please.

North Carolina Must Stand Against These Attacks on Our Constitution and Vote “Against.”

  1. Undermine Separation of Powers (“Clarify Board Appointments”) This amendment would fundamentally alter the balance of power in state government, giving the legislature exclusive control over how you can vote, the cost of your energy bill, and the quality of your drinking water. This dangerous measure would essentially rewrite the constitution to exclude all North Carolinians but a few politicians from making decisions about what is in the best interest of the state.
  2. Give Legislature Power over the Courts (“Judicial Vacancy”) Another amendment to undermine our separation of powers, this bill gives a handful of partisan politicians the power to cherry-pick judges. This political power grab undermines the independence of our courts, and will make our judiciary another partisan, political body.
  3. Make it Harder to Vote (“Voter ID”) This amendment is designed to make it harder to vote, creating new hurdles to the ballot box that will hurt seniors, veterans, young people, and people of color by giving legislators a “blank check” to create new restrictions on your right to vote. Past attempts have been found illegal after lawmakers targeted African-Americans “with almost surgical precision.”
  4. Nickel-and-Dime the Middle Class (“Cap Income Taxes at 7%”) North Carolina has some of the lowest income taxes in the southeast, while property taxes, sales taxes, local taxes, and fees have all grown. This amendment continues to nickel-and-dime consumers to protect the wealthy while starving resources for public schools and hand tying the state from responding to future economic downturns.
  5. Unintended Consequences for Crime Victims (“Marsy’s Law”) North Carolina already has robust victims’ rights laws – changing the state constitution is unnecessary. This measure also has unintended consequences on victims’ ability to have their day in court, as only wealthy people with private attorneys could intervene in criminal prosecutions which could delay justice for everyone.
  6. Playing Politics with Hunting Laws (“Protect the Right to Hunt and Fish”) No rights are being threatened, but Republicans hope this amendment will lure voters to the polls. We shouldn’t change our state constitution based on politics, and we shouldn’t reward partisan politicians for putting this on the ballot.


Any attempt to change our Constitution should be deliberate and bipartisan. The public has only voted on seven amendments in the last twenty years. Now, we’re forced to vote on nearly as many in one election.

It’s not enough to stand against a few of the amendments when the effort behind each of them is partisan politics. North Carolina must send a loud message by voting “against” each of the proposed constitutional amendments.    IN NOVEMBER, VOTE AGAINST ALL

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Civility crisis?

"Whether or not you think public shaming should be happening, it’s important to understand why it’s happening. It’s less a result of a breakdown in civility than a breakdown of democracy."

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If you like voting "no," then this November's election is for you

North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature has a pretty low opinion of the intelligence of the state’s electorate. GOP representatives and senators seem to think they can pull the wool over voters’ eyes this fall by letting them vote on a set of amendments to the state constitution that are being sold as an opportunity to make government more democratic.

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What then must we do?

The human-rights crisis taking place on the US-Mexico border has prompted many an American (and even a fair number of my Canadian friends) to ask “What can I do?” The answers offered by those who treat such questions as more than rhetorical run the usual gamut from “donate” to “call your senator and congressperson.” Such responses are useful, but only to a limited extent.

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NCDP endorses judicial candidates

                                                       On Tuesday June 12, the NCDP made the unusual move of endorsing candidates after the Republican controlled General Assembly injected partisanship into the judiciary and cancelled primaries statewide.  Now, Republicans are trying to split the democratic vote so that we'll lose.  Let's work to make sure that doesn't happen.  These are the judicial candidates you will want to vote for in November. 


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Polk County Teen Dems Sponsor a Meet the Candidates Bash

Polk County Teen Dems are holding a Meet the Democratic Candidates bash at party Headquarters Friday May 18  from 5 to 7 pm.  Come meet all your candidates, get involved and enjoy a pizza dinner. 

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Primary Election Winners

BJ Bayne won her primary to be the Democratic candidate for Polk County Sheriff and David Wheeler won his primary to be the Democratic candidate for the NC Senate.  Congratulations to both who worked hard for their victories. Thanks to all who turned out to vote.  Polk County had a 19.13% turnout rate.  Not great, but better than most mid-term elections.  Let's keep this trend going for the General Election so we can get ALL our candidates elected.

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County Convention 2018

The annual Convention held last Saturday was a big success with a packed room, inspiring speeches from our local candidates and our candidates for the US House, NC Senate and NC House. (For information on each, check out the Candidates button.)

We elected our 14 candidates to the 10th District Convention May 5 and left with our tummies full of a delicious breakfast thanks to the Women's Club and Johhny Metcalf on the grill.

Thanks to all who came.

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Primary Election Voting Schedule

All early voting takes place at the Board of Elections office in the Womack Building.  Early voting starts Thursday, April 19 and ends Saturday, May 5. 

Election Day is Tuesday, May 8 and on that day you must vote in your precinct. voting hours

Vote early if you can.  During early voting you can register or correct your voting address.  On May 8, it is too late to register or make any changes.

To cast an absentee vote you must request that an absentee ballot from the local Board of Elections be mailed to you.  It must be completed and returned to the BOE by mail, fax or email and received by them no later than May 1. You can print an Absentee Ballot Request Form here

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