Cheryl Swoffort — NC Senate 47

My name is Cheryl Swofford, and I am FED UP and FIRED UP! I am running for the North Carolina Senate as a Democrat to replace Republican Ralph Hise. I live in Marion and have lived in McDowell County most of my 70 years and in six other states (in Atlanta for 15 years) and outside the US. If anyone thinks I’M old, let me remind you that Nancy Pelosi made history this year when she gave an 8-hour speech, and she’s 77!

I have a daughter and a son who are excellent parents to my 4 WONDERFUL grand-children. My son is an Army “green beret” who has been to war over 4 years. I got $50 from my family for college and have five degrees, including an MD I completed at age 56. Please call me Cheryl. I worked mostly in clinical research, with jobs at Emory and Duke universities. Now I am doing research to learn more about North Carolina government and our State’s needs.

I want to work to help North Carolina become better than ever—to try to do more to prevent these horrible mass shootings; to have good jobs with better pay, better healthcare and other needed services like high-speed internet for all--and educational opportunities, of course; to protect this great beautiful State from pollution; to advance civil rights; and to fight the GOP’s too often “help the rich but hurt the poor” agenda.

Among other things, I would work to raise the minimum wage after a study to determine what would be reasonable—perhaps $10 an hour? North Carolina ranks about 12th in wealth and population but about 35th in wages, even teacher pay. And we have the lowest minimum wage, along with 11 other states. We have the lowest corporate tax rate in the country (which dropped from nearly 7% to 3% under Duke Energy Gov McCrory), while some North Carolina corporate CEOs make 1000 times the minimum wage; and the average US CEO pay is nearly 350 times that of the average worker. Republicans like Ralph Hise also lowered the state income tax rate on the wealthiest by about 2%, while lowering the tax rate only half a % on the poorest. And they added a sales tax for when you have to pay for things like necessary repairs. Whose old cars and heating and plumbing break down the most? The poor--often those who can’t afford health insurance because North Carolina is one of the Republican-controlled States that did not expand Medicaid.

I would like to see Medicaid expanded, or some other solution like Medicare for all to assure healthcare for everyone. We can afford it by raising taxes on the wealthy, by repealing the 5.5% tax cap for the wealthy, a bill Ralph “help the rich, hurt the poor” Hise co-sponsored.

I want to defeat the big face of gerrymandering, democracy hi-jacking Ralph Hise and help give Democrats a needed voice to “MAKE NORTH CAROLINA BETTER THAN EVER!”

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