Christopher Rumfelt — NC Senate 47

I am Christopher Rumfelt, an attorney, former social worker, former corrections officer and honorably discharged Air Force veteran from McDowell County. I was born and raised here, and Marion is my home. I entered the race for NC Senate because I believe I can better represent the citizens of our district than Senator Hise has done. For the past several years our state has been under attack by the GOP legislative agenda.

My primary focus would be:

  • to work to attract businesses which would create better jobs to our area;
  • to advocate for roads improvements and infrastructure projects which would assist in making this area more attractive to potential employers;
  • to work toward better funding for our public schools; to return more autonomy back to our state supported colleges and universities;
  • to tackle the opioid drug crisis which our state is facing including an extension of Medicaid coverage for working adults who can not afford private coverage, and mandated drug treatment courts for those charged with drug possession crimes as opposed to using jail and prison as treatment and detox centers;
  • a repeal of many of the repressive GOP social and criminal laws which have been enacted and caused our state national embarrassment and ridicule;
  • a repeal of the tax cuts for our wealthiest citizens, as well as repeal of the newly enacted sales tax on services, to fund our state properly, including pay raises for teachers and our hard working state employees;
  • and end to the unconstitutional gerrymandering practices of the GOP and to end the current attempts of the GOP to drastically cut the power and structure of our courts;
  • to work for some sensible gun laws in NC to include better background checks for gun purchasers, a ban on bump stocks and high capacity magazines which turn legally purchased rifles into weapons of war, and to oppose any law which allows 18 year olds to conceal carry in our state, or anyone else, without having to at least successfully complete a conceal carry course and pass a background check by the sheriff;
  • to fight to protect women's choice in NC, as well as equal protections under law for ALL citizens, from the GOP assault upon it;
  • legalization of marijuana, at the least medicinally;
  • and and end to the war on the working poor in our state by protecting the SNAP program, among others, from proposed cuts being pushed by Hise and the GOP legislature.

Instead of being a voice and tool for the special interests which heavily fund Hise, and other GOP legislators, I will give our citizens their voice back in Raleigh. I look forward to speaking with anyone who has questions, concerns or advice, and if elected I would always have an open door policy to any citizen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering my candidacy for District 47 State Senator. Together we can restore North Carolina's position and title as the Jewel of the South.

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