North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Endorses Sam Edney

It all comes down to this.

The road to breaking the Republican majority in the NC House runs straight through Western North Carolina where Sam Edney is running for House District 113.

I know Sam. He is a father, grandfather, and small business owner. He is a leader in his community. He knows that we must create opportunities for all North Carolinians to lead more prosperous lives by reinvesting in our public schools, paying teachers like the professionals they are, expanding access to affordable health care, and developing training programs for the jobs of the future. His commitment to creating a better future for all makes him the kind of leader we need in Raleigh.
If we want to break the Republican stranglehold on our politics, we need Sam. Will you chip in and make sure Sam has the resources to win on Election Day?

We have a big opportunity on November 6. We need Sam to win this seat to get the General Assembly working for North Carolina families again.

I'm all-in for Sam. Join me: support Sam today.

Thank you for all you continue to do for our state,


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