Let's stop pointing fingers

Seth Myers may just be a late-night comedian/host, but these days that seems to be when and who you turn to for reasonable political commentary. This week Myers hit the nail on the head when he lambasted Hillary Clinton for blaming Bernie Sanders for losing the election.

The idea that Sanders is to blame for the loss is, to put it simply, absurd. There was only one name on the Democratic ticket last November, and that candidate's initials weren't B.S. Yet Clinton even blames Sanders for "attacking Clinton too harshly during the primaries, going so far as to suggest that Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” line was Sanders’ fault," as Myers puts it, drawing on excerpts from Clinton's new memoir. "He didn’t need Sanders to give him the idea to be a jerk to Hillary Clinton."

Look, we'll never know for certain how many of Sander's supporters failed to do what's right and bother to cast a ballot for Clinton. But you can't seriously argue that Sanders, who energized portions of the electorate numbering in the millions from groups the Democratic Party had all but abandoned (we have to be honest, because that's what they did), is responsible for those voters not following him into Clinton's camp once the primaries were over. It's just as possible that without the Sanders, Clinton would have lost both the electoral college and the popular vote, not just the former. 

I don't remember Al Gore blaming anyone for losing the electoral college by one state back in 2000. He just disappeared for a while, then found a new a calling as a climate activist. Clinton should follow his example and stop driving wedges between members of the only party that is ready to actually save this country. She can play a role, and she should. She's an accomplished and intelligent member. But petty bickering and finger-pointing isn't going to help anyone. 

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