Sam Edney — NC House 113

Sam Edney has announced he is running on the Democratic ticket for the NC House.

On Monday, February 19, Sam Edney filed in Transylvania County as a Democratic candidate for North Carolina House District 113, which includes Transylvania, Polk and parts of Henderson County.

Edney is a former School Board member and currently is Vice Chair of the SAFE, Inc. Board of Directors.

In the past few months, “business as usual” has been anything but “usual” for Sam Edney. He is the thirty-year owner of Pisgah Pest Control, a business headquartered in Transylvania County. Since early October, he has been spending several hours each week, changing from work pants and boots into his signature bow tie to speak with folks in all three counties.

Sam grew up in Henderson County milking cows and picking apples. With a degree from AB Tech he worked as an industrial engineer for 18 years, 12 of them at Ecusta. Since purchasing his small business in 1988, his company has grown to three branches with 24 employees.

In addition to meeting people in the District over the past five months, Edney commissioned a short survey for voters. Hundreds of respondents said gerrymandering is their top concern, followed by education and healthcare.

“The millions of NC dollars spent defending unconstitutional redistricting is more than a waste of tax money,” says Edney. “It’s weakening our democracy.”

He believes now is the time to invest in public education. “It’s the key to bringing good-paying jobs back to our region. Unemployment may be low, but so are wages.”

Edney wants to expand Medicaid in NC. “It will create thousands of jobs. And we need to stop exporting tax dollars to other states. That money could be here at home, taking care of our own elderly and children.”

“Also central to my campaign”, says Edney, “is every citizen’s opportunity for a good-paying job, and their right to clean drinking water. Taking care of our environment is vital to our mountain economy.”

Come meet the candidate at his remaining District-wide Campaign Kickoff event. It is a casual get-together, open to anyone concerned with getting North Carolina back on track. Bring a friend!

 He will be in Henderson County at the Historic Courthouse in Hendersonville on Tuesday, March 6, at 4:30 p.m.

Find out more about Sam Edney’s campaign for the NC House, and his upcoming community events at his website: and on Facebook,

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